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Unlock the potential of your company culture. Hi5 is a simple app for ongoing recognition and feedback in companies.

Hi5 helps managers get rich insights about team culture on a dashboard. Team members use a fun app to give feedback and recognition to peers.

There's so much more under the hood, contact us at and we'll show you around ;)

"Hi5 gives everyone accountability and responsibility to contribute to our culture and also achieving their goals." - Wayne Flemming, BrandTruth

"It’s easy to get started with Hi5 and within a few weeks we started getting rich insights & data that we could use to better understand our team." - Wouter Lombard, M&C Saatchi Abel

"People are happier and they are willing to give each other feedback, which we didn't have before." - Linda Roos, ooba


Hi5 designs SaaS software that helps modernize HR workflows. For more information about Hi5 see the about page. When choosing your online software, one of the many things you will want to know is if the publisher will be around for the foreseable future. Sometimes it can be useful to check out the careers page as a growth indicator. Many companies entrust Hi5 with their HR software needs for better productivity. Some of the common questions asked by HR personnel about the tools they sell have been listed on the FAQ page. Hi5 regulary publishes articles about good HR practices and new releases of its software. The company has 8 employees. Hi5 was founded in 2016.

Software features


The Hi5 blog specializes in Employee Recognition, Employee feedback, Peer reviews, Employee Engagement, Company Culture, Company Values, SaaS, People Data and Disrupting HR.


Pricing for Hi5 depends on your company's needs. This will factor in the number of software users and the size of your organization. For all the pricing details check out the dedicated page. The Hi5 API is included in some pricing plans.


You want your valuable and sensitive employee data to be in good hands. Hi5 is very aware that security is a key aspect of HR sofware. On the security page your will find all the details. You might want to take a look at the Hi5 privacy policy to get a better understanding on their internal security processes. The terms and conditions page outlines all the details.


If you are ready to choose Hi5 as your HR solution or need additional information, you can reach their sales team by phone or email.


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