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Nearly three out of four sexual harassment claims go unreported in workplaces. Many employees fear that reporting their abuser will lead to retaliation or that they will only find the problem half-solved.

There is a need for whistleblowing in the workplace to eliminate the problem of sexual harassment and bullying. Companies have developed tools to provide their employees with a safe avenue to report issues such as sexual harassment, fraud, and corruption.

Anonymous whistleblowing software should be a part of the anti-harassment policy in any workplace. Such software offers a way for employees to safely report wrongdoing through a secure online portal while anonymity is ensured.

Whistleblowing software is available in many different forms and can be used by any company of any size. Whether you are in the IT industry, engineering, health care, or any other profession, whistleblower software is designed to help employees blow the whistle on unethical behavior.

What is whistleblowing software? §

Whistleblowing software is a type of issue management solution that provides employees with anonymous options to report issues related to fraud, harassment, theft, embezzlement, corruption, and so on. These options allow organizations to uncover these workplace problems and deal with them accordingly in a timely manner.

Whistleblowing software is often used as a component of an HR or compliance software suite. In fact, some companies use it as their only anti-fraud solution.

Whistleblowing software is designed to be used by employees to report any type of illegal or unethical behavior in an organization. Examples of fraudulent activity include embezzlement, office politics, sabotage, theft, and corruption. The software should not be used to report any type of customer service problems aside from fraudulent activity.

Who uses whistleblowing software? §

The majority of organizations are required to have an anti-harassment policy in place. Many organizations also allow reporting of other issues such as fraud and embezzlement. In order to be in compliance with any statute, policy, or regulation, most organizations utilize whistleblowing software to meet their legal requirements.

Some companies use whistleblowing software only for the purposes of protecting themselves against unfounded allegations of harassment. However, HR departments or Legal departments should be using this software to protect against claims of illegal activity.

What are the benefits of using whistleblowing software? §

Many large corporations have used whistleblowing software to help combat fraud and unethical behavior amongst employees. The software has provided the organization the opportunity to catch fraudulent practices at an early stage where they can be acted upon swiftly.

The following are some of the notable benefits of whistleblower software:

Fast, effective action on misconduct §

The software gives employers the chance to act quickly on any information regarding unethical behavior in their company. The more time it takes to conduct an investigation of fraudulent activity, the greater the chance that the employer will lose valuable client relationships or current employees.

More productive workplace environment §

Employees are happier in their job when they feel safe and free to work without fear of retaliation or harassment.

Less time spent on investigations §

The software has proven to reduce the time wasted on allegations of misconduct. Many employees that use the software complain that once their complaints are made, they receive immediate feedback and action.

Cost savings §

Using whistleblower software can save an organization money in the form of overtime, legal fees, and other expenses that are associated with employment management.

Equal opportunity to participate §

Employees are encouraged to take part in the company’s anti-fraud initiatives because they know they will be protected against retaliation, harassment, or other consequences for reporting information.

Compliance with laws and regulations §

Employers are required to have an anti-harassment policy in place that will protect their employees against any type of harassment or unethical behavior. This means that employers should ensure that all employees know how they can blow the whistle on unethical behavior without fear of retaliation.

Improved communication between employees §

Fraudulent activity, embezzlement, or dishonest practice can be a source of conflict amongst employees. When employees have a safe way to report issues, they are more likely to report them and resolve the conflict with their employer.

Improved transparency in the workplace §

Organizations are transparent in their reporting of issues, whether they are illegal or unethical because whistleblowers know that they will not be punished for reporting information. When an employee can feel comfortable reporting any issue without repercussions, they are more likely to be willing to share information with their employers.

Helps to develop ethical behavior in employees §

Employees who are aware that they will not be protected from any unethical or fraudulent behavior will be more likely to act appropriately because their activities are being monitored at all times. This could help prevent future violations because employees know that any actions they take will be made public.

Top features of whistleblower software apps §

Whistleblowing software simply helps to identify issues through anonymous reporting by employees. The software allows employees to report information anonymously, which normally results in swift action.

The top features of whistleblowing software can be summarized as follows.

Case management §

Case management can help employers become more organized in the way they handle allegations of misconduct. The software will provide evidence of how each whistleblower or whistleblower complaint is handled by the company. It can also be used to streamline cases so that all parties are kept informed about the progress of the case at all times. Case management allows employers to document all steps taken in resolving a whistleblower case.

Anonymous feedback §

Whistleblower software allows employees to report information to the company without fear that it will be revealed or used against them. Information is submitted via a secure cloud-based system and when there is a match, the software pulls up all relevant details for management to review.

Real-time chat §

Whistleblower software allows employees to anonymously report any issue to the company’s management. Receiving a notification for a breach of company policy can be a critical event that can result in immediate action. Accessing information quickly through real-time chat helps identify gaps in the company’s overall security procedures and keeps the organization on top of overall risk management.

Secure file sharing §

Whistleblowing software provides secure file sharing so that employees do not have to rely on email or other means of communication to submit their information.

Notifications and alerts §

Whistleblower software allows employers to receive instant alerts in case any fraudulent or unethical activity is observed. Employers can set pre-determined notification preferences for when potential issues arise and be alerted in the event of a breach in security procedures. This goes a long way toward detecting any illegal activities before they take place.

Branding §

The software can be branded with the organization’s logo and information about the business.

Reporting case information §

Whistleblowing software allows management to monitor all case information in real-time so they have a clear picture of how the case is progressing.

Compliance management §

Compliance management can help employers adhere to federal and state legislation, as well as company rules and regulations. The software allows employers to track anonymous reports from their employees to see how many reports were made from which location. It can also track what type of data was reported by employees and whether or not it relates to a company policy or will need additional attention.

Things to consider to choose the best whistleblowing software §

In order to choose the best whistleblower software, it is important to consider a number of factors.

What are the company’s needs? §

When choosing whistleblowing software for your business, you should consider how it will work with other software, whether or not it has the features you need, and how it will be deployed and used.

What features does the software have to offer? §

The software should be able to handle a variety of reports, from potential legal violations to common workplace issues such as harassment and favoritism. Some whistleblower software offers specific case management tools that allow employers to address issues in a more organized fashion. Other whistleblower apps allow employers to share information with their employees through real-time chat or instant alerts systems.

What is the provider’s experience? §

You should choose a provider with experience in fraud detection and fraud management. You should also make sure that the provider has a reputation for providing secure software.

Is the software capable of integrating with other systems? §

When choosing a provider, you should ask if they have experience in integrating their solutions with your existing fraud prevention software. If possible, you should also seek a provider who offers scalability options that can grow with your business and help it to grow.

How easy is the software to use? §

The whistleblowing software should have features that are easy to use, especially when considering how it will be used by management. The best providers offer solutions that create an online channel for employees to submit reports in real-time. You should also consider whether or not the provider has 24×7 support available.

Is the provider using cutting-edge technology? §

Scalability is most important when choosing whistleblowing software. Some providers offer hosting at their location with your data stored in the cloud. Cloud-based solutions are most secure and are most likely to meet your business needs with future updates. You should also consider software that provides you with a web portal for anonymous reporting, as well as instant alerts to your phone or email regarding issues with compliance.

What is the cost? §

There are different types of whistleblowing software available on the market today. For the most part, the providers will offer a free version of their product and then there is a premium option. You should choose a solution that has all the features you need and that also meets your budget needs.

How secure is the software? §

You should make sure that you choose a provider whose software adheres to best practices in IT security. For example, if you are considering cloud-based solutions, the provider’s infrastructure should be built to handle both standard and advanced security protocols such as SAS 70 or ISO 27001.

Are there any licensing restrictions? §

You should choose a solution that can be used for different industries and different types of companies. In addition, the software should have a variety of licensing options so you have the flexibility to pay as you need.

Is the service available internationally? §

You should consider whether or not the provider has a global presence and is authorized in various countries with various regulatory requirements. By having a global presence, your organization will be able to access reliable customer support from anywhere in the world.

Choosing your company's Whistleblowing software is a complex process. To help HR departments compare and benchmark all Whistleblowing software, we have selected a list of 2 companies providing SaaS tools for HR.

We made a list of the best Whistleblowing tools in 2021.

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Frequent questions about Whistleblowing

What is the whistleblower policy?

A whistleblower policy is an HR policy that outlines how managers should deal with issues that arise within the organization. It is important to have this policy in place so all employees understand what to do when they see something wrong happening or they notice something suspicious. The best whistleblowers software will help you write your policies if you need extra guidance, so choose carefully.

How can whistleblowing software help an organization be compliant?

Whistleblowing software can be used to create a secure environment for employees to report issues. As previously mentioned, whistleblowing software provides a secure platform where employees can submit reports in real-time. Whistleblowing software allows an organization to be compliant with legislation, policies, and regulations. In addition, whistleblowing software generates reports that management can use to stay up-to-date on the changes happening within their organization, especially with regard to safety and security issues.

What should I consider when choosing whistleblowing software?

First, you should consider the cost of the software and whether or not it has a free trial available. You should also consider whether or not it is cloud-based and if it is, what type of data will be stored in the cloud. You should also consider the company’s needs and what features their employees need to report issues.

Why should employers offer whistleblowing software to their employees?

Employers should offer their employees a secure platform where they can report issues that they may see occurring within the workplace. By offering such a platform, employers help ensure that their employees feel comfortable enough to report any mistakes and violations of company policies. This helps keeps organizations safe and compliant with both legal and business regulations.

What is the difference between a whistleblower reward and whistleblower protection?

A reward is when an individual is given money for submitting information that leads to the discovery of any wrongdoing in an organization that has caused serious damage. Protection is when an employee can be legally protected from retribution when they report anything suspicious. As previously mentioned, whistleblowing software can help prevent retribution and protect the employees who make reports through it.

Why is whistleblowing important?

Whistleblowing is important because it provides an opportunity for employees to speak up if they see something wrong happening. If employees know that there is a safe place where they can submit information safely, they will be more likely to report any wrongdoing or mistakes that they see. This can help organizations become more compliant and can provide them with an opportunity to fix issues with their policies and procedures before serious damage occurs.

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