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It’s no secret that the job market is tough. With many companies struggling to find qualified employees, it’s more important than ever to stand out from the crowd. But how exactly do you make a splash?

Job board software is a powerful, affordable tool for posting and managing job openings. The key to success boils down to one word: visibility. Job board software makes it easy for employers to advertise their available positions by making them easily accessible from any location, at any time–regardless of the format or device being used.

Job board software helps companies advertise available jobs without the need for any complex coding knowledge for building customized career pages. Job software can help your company find qualified employees by making it easy for people to apply without compromising on the quality of applicants.

Many businesses today use job board software to extend their reach and find employees. With the help of software, companies can post and solicit for open positions without requiring any programming knowledge. This article will go over types of software available, common benefits, how it can benefit you as a potential employee or employer, etc.

What is job board software? §

Job board software offers businesses the specific tools to build customized career pages to post job openings and accept applications without needing any form of coding knowledge. It is an essential tool for any business looking to hire new talent.

The job board or career board is a type of website or digital platform that allows people to find work. Many companies use their careers page to advertise available job openings, but it can also be used to build a company brand by informing potential employees about the company’s culture and values, important benefits they offer, the type of work environment they have created for their employees, etc.

SaaS job boards allow employers to post jobs and manage applications without requiring any coding knowledge. It allows employers to post job openings and solicit applicants outside of the company. It allows management to approve and deny applications in a timely, effective way by making it easy to communicate with applicants and streamlining communication between management and all stakeholders.

Benefits of job board software §

Affordable §

Job board software is a reliable and affordable option for businesses looking to advertise job openings to a pool of qualified candidates. Most start-ups and smaller companies will find the cost affordable, especially when compared to other marketing methods. The low cost makes it easy for companies with limited funds to hire talent without breaking the bank.

Streamlines the hiring process §

Job board software offers management the tools to streamline their hiring process. It allows companies to better manage their recruiting efforts by giving management the ability to consolidate all applicant data into one location. Because job board software allows employers to post job openings and solicit applicants outside of their company, it enables employers to reach a larger pool of qualified candidates in less time with fewer resources.

Increases in productivity §

Job board software enables employers to improve the speed and ease of managing their recruiting efforts. Having one central platform that is used by recruiters, business owners, and HR professionals, makes it easy to add any additional features such as custom applications.

Application management §

Job board software allows employers to manage applicant applications better than any other method. They are able to assign applicants tasks that are assigned by managers or HR professionals, track all status updates, etc.

ATS integration §

ATS stands for applicant tracking system, a software solution that automates the processes involved in recruiting and hiring. It can integrate with a job board, making it easy for recruiters to verify the credentials and qualifications of applicants. ATS integration allows a user to see a list of open positions that have been made available, which makes it easy for recruiters to search for the perfect candidate while managing several open positions all at once.

Customization §

Job board software offers high levels of customization to achieve maximum benefit from the job board’s features and capabilities. Each job board is designed to meet the specific needs of a business, so it can be customized to fit their company’s branding and recruiting efforts.

Social media integration §

Engaging job seekers in a way that’s comfortable for them is crucial in the recruiting process. By integrating your job board with social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, businesses can connect with potential employees in an engaging and personal way.

Top features of job board software §

Job board software offers the following features:

Customized search engine results pages (SERPs) §

A search engine results page (SERP) is what the name says; the page of search results that are returned by a search engine when you enter a search query. Job board software allows businesses to customize every aspect of their job board, including the SERPs which can be customized to include unique branding and logos, an attractive layout, and custom filters designed to display only the most relevant jobs for each searcher.

Job scheduling and management §

Job board software offers users the ability to schedule job openings and view upcoming job postings. It enables users to view and manage all instances of a schedule in one place, which makes it easy for businesses to plan out their recruiting efforts.

Mobile friendly §

Now more than ever, users access the internet using mobile devices. Job board software is designed to be mobile-friendly by providing an optimal viewing experience for users no matter if they are on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

Automated job notifications §

Job board software makes it easy for recruiters and HR professionals to alert applicants to job openings they see on the job board. It will send a notification via email or text message when a new opportunity is posted.

CV searching §

Job board software offers users the ability to search applications. It will display the most relevant CVs for each job opening, making it easy for recruiters to find qualified candidates in minutes.

Automated following and messaging §

Job board software allows users to create groups of interested candidates, then follow or add them to their profile page. It also allows users to send an automated message via email or text message when a new job opportunity is posted.

Job posting analytics §

Job board software makes it easy to track user statistics related to job postings. Analytics help track how many people have viewed each posting, which positions are most liked by applicants, etc.

Search engine friendly §

Search engine-friendly job board software helps companies get found faster by search engines, and increases the chances that their postings will appear on the first page of search results.

Job posting tools and customizable templates §

Job board software offers users a number of tools and templates to help them create the perfect job postings to fit their company’s needs. They can create jobs from scratch or customize existing jobs using one of the pre-made templates.

Things to consider when purchasing job board software §

The following are some things to consider when purchasing job board software.

Type of job board software §

There are different types of job board software available for different purposes. The type of job board software that is right for you depends on what type of company you are in, the size of your company, the number of open positions at any given time, and other factors.

Cost §

Job board software is often categorized by its price, with lower-priced job board software often offering fewer features than more expensive options. However, many companies find that it is worth the extra money to invest in job board software that has more powerful features and capabilities.

Vendor support §

It is important to find out if the vendor of your choice offers any kind of customer service. Generally speaking, job board software vendors offer customer support through phone calls or email.

Technical requirements §

The type of computer requirements you need to meet can vary depending on the job board software you choose; however, there are certain things to look for regardless of which type of job board software you choose. For example, most job board software requires that your computer be running a version of Windows that supports HTML 5 and has DirectX 9.0c capability.

Ease of use §

All job board software offers a range of different customization options. The more customizable the job board software is, the easier it will be to create a user-friendly environment for recruiters and HR professionals.

Availability of documentation and tutorials §

It is important to make sure that the vendor of your choice provides documentation and tutorials to help you get started using the job board software you purchased.

Security §

As with any piece of computer software, it is important to keep an eye out for security vulnerabilities. This is even more important when it comes to job board software because most of these products are used by people who have access to sensitive information.

Choosing your company's Job Board software is a complex process. To help HR departments compare and benchmark all Job Board software, we have selected a list of 2 companies providing SaaS tools for HR.

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Frequent questions about Job Board

What does job board software do?

Job board software offers companies the tools to post jobs, accept applications, and hire candidates all from the convenience of one central platform. It allows users to manage their recruiting efforts through a user-friendly interface that enables management to be more efficient.

What are the benefits of job board software?

Job board software offers businesses the ability to streamline their recruiting efforts by providing them with an easy way to post jobs, manage applicants, and manage future openings from a single platform. It gives them the flexibility to schedule job openings and communicate with applicants in a way that’s relevant to their unique brand.

Who uses job board software?

Job board software is used by businesses of all sizes to manage their recruiting efforts from a single platform. Small businesses use it to schedule and manage hiring, while larger companies use it to post job openings, connect with applicants, and track applicants.

Best Job Board software in 2021

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