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Memcorp Immersive


Changing the way learning happens

We believe that games have the power of changing the way learning happens. It's fun, effective and engaging at the same time.

One needs to constantly learn in order to deal with the rapidly changing work landscape. The current learning tools are not engaging enough & don’t hold the attention spans of busy professionals. About 90% of training programs fail to achieve their learning objectives. The solution: Make it fun, make it engaging, make it a game!

Most companies believe in their values. We believe in the core. It’s at the very center of who we are which dictates what we do.
Our cores: Proactive, Result, Learner, Care, Authentic, Owner, Adaptive Curious, Passion.

How we use our games:
-Facilitation: We facilitate classroom and remote game-based learning experiences across all levels of client organizations (Jr Management, Sr Management, Leadership Team)

-Learning Design: We partner with you to design and execute learning curriculums that focus on enabling behavioral shifts. These include:
•Iterative design to incorporate feedback quickly and systematically
•Game-Based learning journeys
•Design and execution support from world-class facilitators
•Learning designs of behavioral skills
•Designs for any level within organizations

-Game Design: We custom-build games for your specific and niche requirements that our off-the-shelf games don’t meet. Our expertise in game design makes us a noteworthy partner in your quest to stay ahead of the competition. We have designed games focused on engagement, performance and learning for our clients. Each game is designed taking into account your objective and the behaviors you intend to drive through the game.


Memcorp Immersive designs SaaS software that helps modernize HR workflows. The company has 7 employees. Memcorp Immersive was founded in 2010.

Software features


Pricing for Memcorp Immersive depends on your company's needs. This will factor in the number of software users and the size of your organization.


You want your valuable and sensitive employee data to be in good hands. Memcorp Immersive is very aware that security is a key aspect of HR sofware.


If you are ready to choose Memcorp Immersive as your HR solution or need additional information, you can reach their sales team by phone or email.


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