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Anfold Software specialise in cloud based, 'Mid-office' software, saving clients time and resource when managing, paying and charging for their permanent or contractor work force. Since 2009 we have been working across almost all industry sectors, providing flexible and robust solutions.

- Recruitment (all sectors)
- Construction & Joint Ventures
- Rail, Road & Logistics
- Managed back office & accountancy providers
- Management & IT Consultancies
- Health & Social care
- Oil & Gas
- Manufacturing

We believe that organisations should be able to select and combine the different systems they feel are best for their own requirements. Our solutions take a modular approach, and have been built to integrate seamlessly with various 3rd party CRM and Accounting/Payroll packages.

A user-friendly time tracking, expense and leave booking tool, Timesheet Portal is trusted by hundreds of companies to address the challenges, and capitalise on the opportunities linked with an expanding work force.

Recruitment Edition
Removing the obstacles around submission and approval of contractor time and expense, agencies can pay and bill faster:
- User friendly submission
- Client approval via email
- White label for incorporation of branding
- Bespoke time recording options, rates and overtime calculations
- Client invoicing, Contractor Self Billing modules & integration
- Automated notifications
- Document storage and signing
- AWR monitoring
- Gross margin, forecasting & HMRC intermediary reporting

Project Edition
Provides a deeper level of time recording & analysis against internal or external project delivery.
- User friendly timesheet & expense submission
- Holiday request, leave calendar & absence booking
- Tailored user permissions per profile
- Bespoke approval workflow
- Reporting options including Budget, Productivity & Utilisation
- Client invoicing, Contractor Self Billing modules & integration with downstream payroll/accounting systems


TimesheetPortal by Anfold Software publishes a SaaS that helps modernize HR processes. vv For more details about TimesheetPortal by Anfold Software see the about page. TimesheetPortal by Anfold Software regulary publishes articles about good HR practices and new releases of its online software. The company counts 10 employees. TimesheetPortal by Anfold Software published it's first software in 2009.

Software features


The HRIS system from TimesheetPortal by Anfold Software helps organizations collect, store, and manage employee data. It’s a robust tool that can streamline many of the human resources management processes and help HR managers and recruiters stay organized.

TimesheetPortal by Anfold Software also makes it easier for non-HR employees to access and edit their information. TimesheetPortal by Anfold Software can integrate seamlessly with your existing HR management systems, offers impressive data security features, and has an intuitive user interface.

Time and Attendance

The time and attendance software from TimesheetPortal by Anfold Software help businesses efficiently and accurately track and record employee working hours. It has an intuitive user interface, which will significantly reduce the time it takes to onboard new and existing employees to use the platform.

TimesheetPortal by Anfold Software can help automate several tedious administrative tasks and offers quick integration with your existing HR systems. Its extensive documentation and prompt customer support make it an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes.


The TimesheetPortal by Anfold Software blog specializes in online expenses, leave bookings, client billing, recruitment timesheets, project timesheets, online hr, Online Timesheets, tracking, expenses, holiday booking, invoicing, client invoicing, document storage, mobile site, reporting, AWR, branding, Contractor Self Billing, Intermediary Reports, overtime, time and cost reporting and flexitime.


Pricing for TimesheetPortal by Anfold Software depends on your company's needs. This will factor in the number of employees and the size of your company. For all the pricing details check out the dedicated page. TimesheetPortal by Anfold Software offers a trial period so you can make sure your HR needs match with the offer.


You want your valuable data to be in good hands. TimesheetPortal by Anfold Software is very aware that security is a key aspect of HR online software. You might want to dig into the TimesheetPortal by Anfold Software privacy policy to get a better understanding on their internal security processes.


If you are ready to select TimesheetPortal by Anfold Software as your HR solution or need additional information, you can reach their sales team by phone or email.



How many people work for TimesheetPortal by Anfold Software?

10 employees.

Where can I follow TimesheetPortal by Anfold Software on social media?

Is a trial period offered by TimesheetPortal by Anfold Software?

TimesheetPortal by Anfold Software offers a free trail.
Check their trial page for the latest information.
We last checked on Tuesday, May 18, 2021.

Does TimesheetPortal by Anfold Software offer a discount for annual payments?

See the dicount.

How much does TimesheetPortal by Anfold Software software cost?

TimesheetPortal by Anfold Software pricing depends on your needs:
  • £0.00 per month
  • £1.00 per month
  • £45.00 per month
  • £65.00 per month
  • £80.00 per month
We last checked on Tuesday, May 18, 2021.

Why should you use time and attendance software?

Time and attendance software increases the efficiency and accuracy of time tracking, making it easier to calculate employee compensation. It’s also helpful to automate several monotonous administrative tasks, track project progress, improve employee engagement, and avoid compliance lawsuits.

Is it possible to combine attendance and payroll software?

Several vendors offer applications that combine both payroll and attendance tracking software. Check the features of different software solutions and talk with vendors to choose one with both functionalities.

What is a time attendance system?

Time and attendance systems help businesses track, record, and optimize employee hours and accurately pay their employees. It can be a standalone software solution or a combination of hardware and software.

Why are time and attendance important?

Time and attendance are crucial for every business as it’s an actual number that helps stakeholders make the right business decisions. It’s helpful to calculate workforce demand and understand employee engagement.

What does a time and attendance system do?

A time and attendance system streamlines the time tracking process by automating the collection of time and attendance information. It makes it easier to manage payroll as the employee work hours are recorded with utmost accuracy.

Can employees use their mobile phones for time tracking?

Although it depends on the software you choose, most probably, it’s a yes. Employees can log in to their profile on a web or mobile app and access their attendance information such as schedules, PTO, and sick leaves. They can use the same app to apply for leaves.

How does the attendance system work?

A time and attendance system is used to track and record employee working hours. It’s helpful to monitor when employees start and stop, the number of hours they clock in, and the time taken for breaks. It’s also beneficial to check whether an employee arrives on time.

What should you expect from a time and attendance system?

A time and attendance system can effortlessly handle the time tracking needs of both hourly and salaried employees. This includes overtime, PTO, sick leaves, holidays, and more. They can also be used to clock in and out, log the time an employee spends on a specific project, and create and assign employee schedules.

Why is time and attendance software important?

Firstly, time and attendance software is a valuable tool that lets companies effectively track and record employee work hours. It also makes it easier to adhere to labor acts and other state wage and hour laws.

Why is it important to clock in and out at work?

The clock in and out feature can ensure employees don’t involve in time theft, and at the same time, it’s helpful to ensure that employees are paid accurately. An online time and attendance system makes it easier for the employer to have an overview of employees’ working hours. Precise timekeeping is beneficial to understand exact staff requirements. You can use the insights derived from these systems to tweak employee schedules.

What is HRIS in HR?

HRIS in HR stands for human resources information system. It’s used to collect and organize an organization’s employee data. Generally, an HRIS will include all the basic functionalities needed for human resources management.

What is the purpose of HRIS?

The primary purpose of HRIS is to offer accurate and relevant information about employees to a company’s HR department. It’s also useful for employees to get information about themselves and also regarding the functioning of the HR department. In short, an HRIS collects, processes, and stores information for efficient management of human resources.

What are HRIS tools?

HRIS tools are SaaS-based software applications that can assist HR departments in managing employees, procedures, and policies. They are database-oriented and make it easier to perform activities such as time and labor management, employee engagement, and performance management.

Who uses HRIS?

Although an HRIS may seem to be a tool used by the HR department alone, it isn’t. Instead, it’s used by every employee in an organization to access some HR-related information and functions.

What are the types of HRIS?

Some of the types of HRIS systems are:

  • Applicant tracking system (ATS)
  • Time and attendance management
  • Performance management
  • Employee self-service
  • Benefits management

How does HRIS help recruitment?

Recruitment is a costly and time-consuming process and an HRIS system streamlines it. Along with enhancing the HR processes, an HRIS promotes remote recruitment and collaborative hiring. It can also offer deep insight into hiring strategies and can also simplify internal processes like promotion.

Why is an HRIS important?

HRIS is equally important for both the HR employees and the non-HR employees. It acts as a centralized database that stores critical employee information such as personal information, compensation, and benefit choices. An HRIS also eliminates human errors and data duplication.

What are the components of HRIS?

The core components of an HRIS system are:

  • Database
  • Time and labor management
  • Benefits management
  • Payroll function
  • Employee interface and management
  • Recruitment and onboarding

Does HRIS include payroll?

Of course, an HRIS includes payroll functions along with other features for employee management, recruitment, time and attendance management, and performance management.

What are the advantages of HRIS?

A few of the many advantages of using an HRIS are:

  • Data integration
  • Benefits administration
  • Accuracy
  • Employee self-service
  • Automated reminders
  • Secure storage of confidential company information
  • Better transparency
  • Better reports

What is HRIS used for?

Simply put, an HRIS solution is the amalgamation of information technology and HR activities. It is used for data entry and storage, tracking and managing employees, and also for payroll and accountings.

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