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Staff Squared


HR Software for growing businesses

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and hello to what really matters - your staff.

Staff Squared offers affordable and easy-to-use software that helps you and your team effectively manage all of your HR needs and stay on top of employee satisfaction at your company.

Staff Squared HR is an HR system that accommodates all of your HR requirements. Time-consuming and inefficient spreadsheets are replaced by powerful, instantly available and exportable reports that provide key metrics and HR trends across your business while you manage everything from holidays, sick leave and lateness, to appraisals, probation and company files in one secure place. For more information, visit or contact us at

Staff Squared Pulse is an eNPS system that puts intelligent employee feedback analysis at your fingertips. Send surveys to your staff and receive anonymous feedback to increase employee communication and transparency across the business. Staff Squared Pulse helps managers to truly understand what makes their team tick with powerful and actionable insights that can be used to improve staff culture and reduce turnover. For more information, visit or contact us at


Staff Squared designs SaaS software that helps modernize HR workflows. For more information about Staff Squared see the about page. Many companies entrust Staff Squared with their HR software needs for better productivity. Some of the common questions asked by HR personnel about the tools they sell have been listed on the FAQ page. Staff Squared regulary publishes articles about good HR practices and new releases of its software. Clarisse writes all of the articles. The articles treat subjects like Small Business and Employees. The company has 3 employees. Staff Squared was founded in 2012.

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The Staff Squared blog specializes in HR Software, Human resource software, HR Systems, HR Online, eNPS, Employee Satisfaction, Small Business and Employees.


Pricing for Staff Squared depends on your company's needs. This will factor in the number of software users and the size of your organization. For all the pricing details check out the dedicated page. Pricing typically depends on the software integrations you require for your organization. The Staff Squared API is included in some pricing plans.


You want your valuable and sensitive employee data to be in good hands. Staff Squared is very aware that security is a key aspect of HR sofware. On the security page your will find all the details. You might want to take a look at the Staff Squared privacy policy to get a better understanding on their internal security processes. The terms and conditions page outlines all the details. In order to comply with the European General Data Protection Regulation Staff Squared published this GDPR page.


If you are ready to choose Staff Squared as your HR solution or need additional information, you can reach their sales team by phone or email. Staff Squared offers a free demo where a sales representative shows you around their software.



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