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Learning Nexus and Safety4Business

The Learning Nexus Group comprises of two innovative and long-standing eLearning solution providers; Learning Nexus and Safety4Business.

Learning Nexus are the creative side of our group, providing award-winning bespoke eLearning projects, as well as engaging off-the-shelf products that invoke real behavioural change. In addition, Learning Nexus are a long-standing "Totara Platinum Partner", meaning they have delivered numerous Totara LMS solutions across a wide-spectrum of industries and sectors.

Safety4Business focus purely on compliance, ensuring that your business is not only physically safe, but reputationally too. They do this by working with subject matter experts across a myriad of topics, to produce and provide eLearning that educates and enforces current legislation.

The key benefit of our group is synergy - whilst Safety4Business are working to ensure all of your staff are compliant, Learning Nexus are delivering eLearning that gives your staff new skills that helps them, aswell as your business, to grow.


Learning Nexus publishes a SaaS that helps modernize HR workflows. vv For more information about Learning Nexus see the about page. When choosing your online software, one of the many things you will want to know is if the publisher will be around for the years to come. Sometimes it can be useful to check out the careers page as a growth indicator. Learning Nexus regulary publishes articles about good HR practices and new releases of its online software. LN Marketing writes all of the articles. The articles treat subjects like eLearning. The company has 22 employees. Learning Nexus published it's first software in 1984.

Software features

Learning and Development

The learning software from Learning Nexus can help businesses educate their employees and keep them up-to-date with changing trends. It's also a great tool to reduce employee turnover as employees who have opportunities to upskill are more likely to stay satisfied at their jobs.

Learning Nexus offers an easy-to-use user interface, and the time it takes to learn the software is minimal for both employees and trainers. Learning Nexus also comes with extensive customer support, making it an ideal choice for your organization's training and development.


The Learning Nexus blog specializes in E-Learning Courses, Bespoke eLearning, Learning Management Systems, Business Skills, Communication Skills, Customer Skills, Equality and Diversity, Flexible Working, Health and Safety, Information Management, Information Technology, NEBOSH, IOSH, Compliance Training, Compliance, Human Resources and eLearning.


Pricing for Learning Nexus depends on your company's needs. This will factor in the number of employees and the size of your company.


You want your valuable data to be in good hands. Learning Nexus is very aware that security is a key aspect of HR online software. You might want to take a look at the Learning Nexus privacy policy to get a better understanding on their internal security processes. The terms and conditions page provides all the details.


If you are ready to choose Learning Nexus as your HR solution or need additional information, you can reach their sales team by phone or email.



How many people work for Learning Nexus?

22 employees.

Where can I follow Learning Nexus on social media?

What are digital learning platforms?

A digital learning platform is a software application developed to assist trainers and lead learners during online learning. Learning management systems (LMS), learning content management systems (LCMS), and virtual learning environments (VLE) are examples.

What is eLearning software?

Electronic learning software, also referred to as E-learning software or eLearning software, are applications that enable companies to electronically deliver courses or instructions with the help of the internet mainly.

What is employee training software?

Employee training software is used to create, assign, monitor, and manage training courses for employees. It’s generally overseen by the human resources department and sometimes used by managers to upskill the team.

How do you keep track of employee training?

Here are three methods using which you can keep track of employee training:

  • Learning management systems (LMS)
  • Training management systems (TMS)
  • Excel spreadsheets

How do you manage staff training?

Here are eight critical steps to manage staff training:

  1. Analyze training requirements and interests
  2. Prioritize training requirements and interests based on the organization’s goals
  3. Set a budget and allocate resources and time
  4. Choose training and development types
  5. Make training and development initiatives
  6. Track training and development activities
  7. Monitor training costs
  8. Evaluate training and development activities and modify, if necessary

What are the types of employee training?

The top ten common types of employee training are

  • eLearning
  • Instructor-led training
  • Hands-on training
  • Lectures
  • Role-playing
  • Group activities and discussions
  • Simulation employee training
  • Mentoring or coaching
  • Case studies or reading
  • Management-specific activities

What is the best training method for employees?

Some of the most effective training methods include:

  • Game-based training
  • Job rotation
  • Role-modeling
  • Stimulus-based training
  • Team training
  • Programmed instruction
  • Job shadowed
  • On-the-job training
  • Social learning
  • Films and videos training

How do you start a training program?

Here are some steps to perform to create effective employee training programs:

  1. Perform a training needs analysis
  2. Understand the principles of an adult learner
  3. Create learning objectives
  4. Design learning materials
  5. Develop learning materials
  6. Implement training programs
  7. Evaluate training programs
  8. Optimize programs for better engagement


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