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Thalento designs SaaS software that helps modernize HR workflows. For more information about Thalento see the about page. When choosing your online software, one of the many things you will want to know is if the publisher will be around for the foreseable future. Sometimes it can be useful to check out the careers page as a growth indicator. Thalento regulary publishes articles about good HR practices and new releases of its software. Jeffrey Excelmans writes all of the articles. The articles treat subjects like undefined.

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Pricing for Thalento depends on your company's needs. This will factor in the number of software users and the size of your organization. Pricing typically depends on the software integrations you require for your organization.


You want your valuable and sensitive employee data to be in good hands. Thalento is very aware that security is a key aspect of HR sofware. You might want to take a look at the Thalento privacy policy to get a better understanding on their internal security processes. They also have a page about their cookies policy.


If you are ready to choose Thalento as your HR solution or need additional information, you can reach their sales team by phone or email.


Is the time right for predictive hiring?
Interview with our CEO & Founder Ben Greeven in trendbaHRometer 2021 (geneHRations), a whitepaper to gain insights in the HR Tech trends for 2021. Want to read it? Just download the free whitepaper (in Dutch) via the link.   Is the time right for predictive hiring?    Assessments have been an important recruitment tool for many years. Digitisation has also made an appearance in this world. What’s more, with AI and Machine Learning you can perfectly start with predictive hiring. The technology is ready. But: Are companies ready? And the applicant?   With predictive hiring we try to remove the subjectivity or gut feeling. Everyone knows the job interview or evaluation interview. You get a biased interviewer, the person has to answer on the spot, often to situational questions, and also has to indicate what they want to do in a job they don't yet know. Chances are that it will be a mismatch. With predictive hiring, that is taken away by linking behavioural profiles to available data through technology. Machine Learning (ML) and AI is, as it were, an objectification of the data. ML recognises a pattern that corresponds to what the ideal employee is for a  particular position. One of the advantages is that it is faster. To give an example: in 2008, we had an assessment at a company that buys credit card debts and then calls the debtors, via call centre agents, to remind them to pay. They had a turnover of 60%, while 40% was the 'norm'. After months of labour-intensive research, we found the cause. Today, 12 years later, we did a similar exercise with data analytics and ML. Of course, we had a much faster result. "Everyone has their own individuality. Thanks to people analytics you know if the job fits the person and vice versa if the person fits the job". -Ben Greeven You can also apply this to groups with many similar functions. 70% of the functions you encounter can be brought back to measurable parameters. People analytics only works well if you use a good measuring instrument for the assessments and if you work with objective data. This is of the utmost importance in order to determine the ideal profile and to compare people with it in assessments.    Missed the new Messi One comment we sometimes hear is that you then get the same type of employee. But with predictive hiring you get the desired profile based on performance data. The tool makes no distinction according to language, gender, age or between internal or external employees. So that is already very diverse. What's more, as a company you can indicate which mix you want: for example 70% of people who exactly meet the profile and the remaining 30% may deviate from it (slightly above or below the norm). In that case, as a company, you also have to ask yourself the question: do you - in the case of a call centre - want all call agents to treat customers in the same way? I don’t need to think long about the answer. Also a frequently heard remark: 'Yes, but you run the risk of missing out on talents'. That is not a risk at all. Suppose you're looking for a goalkeeper, but a new Messi emerges from the test. While you already have a Messi on your team. Are you going to put the new Messi in the goal? Of course not, but you can find a solution to keep the second Messi on board. Thalento® can discover the talent and indicate that it is very exceptional. Conversely, of course, even if someone does not reach the set standard or does not yield enough return: then we can only indicate that. "You look for a goalkeeper and you find a Messi. Are you going to put him in the goal?" -Ben Greeven   What are we waiting for? The task of getting started via predictive hiring on the basis of data obtained lies with the companies. Yet companies still see people analytics too much as a profitability exercise. However, that's short-term thinking and in my opinion a bad approach. Do they dare to share the data in a transparent way? Do they dare say to an applicant: ‘You could easily fill this position, but you are overqualified. As a result, there is a good chance that you will quickly quit’. The technology allows all this and it is perfect to find out what type of employee someone is; entrepreneurial, more administrative or a manager. Yet we still do that far too little in the business world. I only see a breakthrough when we are more transparent with data to employees. Meanwhile, the whole process of recruiting people and training them internally is expensive. So what are we still waiting for in order to take a more efficient path via objective data and predictive hiring?  trendbaHRometer 2021
It is still about people
How things turned out to be different. This was supposed to be a year of celebration. The Thalento® journey, started in 2010, had entered its 10th year with ambition. We were building our next generation assessment platform and we would grow seriously. No small tasks. We had just started in January, when the first signs of a global pandemic became apparent. Little did we know how different 2020 would be. Looking back at the past 8 months I can’t but be more proud of the resilience and adaptability of the Thalento® team; the staff in Hasselt, our development team in Poland and our Partners throughout Europe. In working together, we coped with the challenges we faced and reshaped Thalento® for the future. Like so many of our colleagues and clients we too were affected by the lockdown. Our business too was impacted. We had to rethink the way work. We had to let people go, but are grateful they all found a new challenge. Over the past months we have reshaped Thalento®. Today we are ready to share how we intend to go into the future.   Remote Centres of Excellence   The future of work will he hybrid. The office as the only place for business was already under pressure. Me, I have always been most productive outside the confinement of an office. In the future, places of  work and private life will merge and flow over in each other. People will embrace a new work/life rhythm. Places of business will no longer be static, they will be dynamic and adaptive. We will no longer spend hours stuck in traffic and videocalls will replace basic meetings. In light of this it seemed obvious that we too, should let go of the one place of business vision. Business is where our clients are. In the midst of the pandemic it became clear that if we wanted to be successful in the next decade, we had to redesign the way we do business. We needed to rethink our purpose and direction. Talks with all stakeholders quickly pointed out the focus areas. We started to redesign and reshape the fabric of our organisation. The first area of focus was our international network. Thalento® International. To achieve international growth you need to think international. But what does that mean? When I looked closer at the way we handled our international business, it was too much inside out. We needed to bring more international into our international business. We decided to open up the way we did international business. We brought it closer to our current and future clients and partners. Once the idea was accepted, things moved fast. On July the 1st it was a fact. We completed the first step in our renewed  international strategy. Thalento® International, founded and managed by three(3) Thalento® Partners was erected in Warsaw. The objective; to distribute Thalento® in EMEA and support Partners and Clients from their unique international perspective. Over the next two years they plan to grow the number of partners in all European countries. Today, Iwona Suchomska(CEO) and her  7 people strong team are ready to fully engage in this next phase of the Thalento® growth. The first new Partnerships were already signed in Italy, the UK and Serbia, over the summer period. The next area of attention was to re-think the Training and Development. From day one a Thalento® strength, but somehow an area that never got the full attention it deserved. Thalento® Academy, Putting training and development in the centre of our activities has always been our approach. Yet this requires a dedicated focus. A level of attention that we were not always able to give. Long talks with experts in Thalento®, experienced professionals and our international partners resulted in the logical solution. We needed an exclusive strategic Partnership with a highly experienced organisation that could focus on the Training & Development of Thalento® Solutions. Since September Talent Masters is our exclusive Training & Development Partner for both Thalento® and Thalento® International. In the expert hands of Hilde Lemmens and Nathalie De Regge our training and development will receive all the attention it deserves. Today they are shaping and expanding the way Thalento® Solutions are supported. The offering will include traditional training, online trainings and webinars and a portfolio of interactive e-learning solutions. In the coming weeks they will present their approach to our clients and partners.   Looking Forward   The game and the rules have changed in the past 8 months. How do we as an organisation and as a society deal with this? How do we adapt, how do we prepare for what’s ahead if we can’t predict what’s ahead. There are no simple or easy answers. However, I am convinced that the dynamics of business haven’t changed. It is still about People. People deliver Results and we understand People.
Microsoft Office Tests; a brand new offering
Introduction   Since July 2020 we have expanded our offering of Microsoft Office Tests. We teamed up with ISV.Online and combined our expertise in mapping people’s potential to go to the next level. This partnership integrates the ISV.Online MS Office Tests into the Thalento® Talent Solutions. We are happy to announce that our offering of Knowledge Tests has enlarged with MS Office Tests. This range consists of 5 MS Word & 4 MS Excel Tests.     Our Microsoft Office Tests are available in 3 languages; Dutch, French and English for MS Office 2016. We are proud of this extensive partnership, unique in the assessment market by offering MS Office Tests in multiple languages. This blog gives you more information on the offering, facts, timing, output and interpretation of the results. The MS Word offer consists of 5 tests each covering each specific skills and knowledge: Document Review and Referencing Formatting General Understanding Tables and Illustrations Advanced and Specialist Tasks The MS Excel offer consists of 4 tests each covering specific skills and knowledge: Formatting and Reviewing Formula & Functions General Understanding Working with Data   Facts & Timing   All tests are limited in time with a maximum of 15 minutes. The exercises are based on text fragments, multiple choice questions, true or false, ordering the statements, scenario based info, point out the right spot, drag & drop images… Microsoft Word Document Review and Referencing – 30 exercises, 1 exercise per screen Formatting – 30 exercises, 1 exercise per screen General Understanding – 35 exercises, 1 exercise per screen Tables and Illustrations – 30 exercises, 1 exercise per screen Advanced and Specialist Tasks – 30 exercises, 1 exercise per screen Microsoft Excel Formatting and Reviewing – 36 exercises, 1 exercise per screen Formula and Functions – 36 exercises, 1 exercise per screen General Understanding – 35 exercises, 1 exercise per screen Working with Data – 35 exercises, 1 exercise per screen   Output & Results   Score This is the overall score for the assessment. This graph is a dynamic result and NOT just the % of questions correct. This score is relative to the system wide maximum and minimum achieved for each discipline, the result may change over time as more people complete the assessment.     Comprehension Each assessment is broken into disciplines or skill set areas. Comprehension shows how well the participant understands each of the areas. Each discipline is scored and given a ranking of weak, proficient or strong. Less than 30% is deemed as weak, between 30% and 70% as proficient and above 70% as strong. The disciplines are weighted with 1 for weak, 2 for proficient and 3 for strong. These scores are totalled, then divided by the maximum comprehension score possible (the total number of disciplines multiplied by a strong score in each area meaning a weighted score of 3).       Percentile Rank The system percentile rank shows the participant’s performance compared with others in the whole database. It’s a dynamic score and may change over time as more people complete the assessment. For the calculation of the percentile rank, we look at how the score of a participant relates to all other scores in the system. If the participant scores well on the test, the participant achieves a higher percentile score than someone who scores worse on the test. As mentioned above, a percentile score says something about the percentage of the population that scores lower or equal to the score that the individual has achieved.     As an example: if you achieve a system percentile rank of 88%, this means that you score better than or equal to 88% of all people in the database, or in the other words you are one of the 12% best participants. In our example n = 580, this is the number of participants who took the test to date and consequently the number of test results used to calculate the percentile rank.     Pricing   The Microsoft Office Tests are purchased via Credits. Purchased Credits never expire, they remain valid forever. MS Office Credit : €12,-*, one Credit per Test MS Office Word Package Credit: €50,-*, one Package Credit to access all 5 MS Word Tests MS Office Excel Package Credit: €40,-*, one Package Credit to access all 4 MS Excel Tests *Prices do not include VAT.    Want a free trial or interested to add our MS Office Tests to your TH-Cloud? Just reach out, we would love give you access! Any questions? Fill in the form, drop an email at or give us a call at +32 11 28 62 42. * First Name Last Name Email * Company * Phone number * Function * Thank you for your request. We will contact you as soon as possible. Best regards, The Thalento Experience Team
Expert Review; the remote assessment
Things have a way of turning out differently than originally planned. For us 2020 was going to be the year when we would launch the Expert Review. After more than 6 years of working on perfecting it, we were ready to release this remote assessment to the market. But that was without taking COVID-19 into account. This pandemic is changing the way we live and work in a dramatic way and on a global scale. Although not intended, the remote assessment is an answer to the restraints we must apply to protect ourselves and our loved ones. The Expert Review enables us to perform qualified and validated assessments without placing people face to face.   What is an Expert Review?       Well, it is exactly what the name says.: a review, (hand)written by an expert, an Expert Review Assessor, experienced in analysing the Thalento® Personality & Motivation e-assessment data and comparing these with the customer’s needs, resulting in a unique Remote Assessment report.   The Background     Over the past six years the Thalento® R&D department has developed and perfected the Expert Review as an answer to a series of specific demands from our customers. Clients that were looking for an alternative to the overpriced and time-consuming Assessment or Assessment Centre. Their need was both simple and sensible; a faster and better-priced solution that at the same time provided a tailored answer to their specific requirements. They also wanted to minimise the time invested by the participant and speed up the “delivery process”. In close cooperation with our customers we set out to identify their needs, the depth of the required analysis and the expected results. Rather soon it was clear that the application of the remote assessment was broad and would need to align all the questions the client wanted answers to.   The Expert Review, in a few words.     It all starts with a participant completing an online Thalento® Assessment. The results are analysed by an Expert Review Assessor who then writes a unique report, matching the assessment scores to the requirements detailed in the function description or the competence profile. The result is an individual Expert Review report, written to order. The entire process is automated and managed within the Thalento® Platform. Our Expert Review Assessors are trained to deliver the unique hand-written reports, in 9 languages, within 48 business hours. We want to emphasise that each Expert Review is a uniquely written report, detailing the analysis and conclusion of the Expert Review Assessor. It is NOT a computer generated or machine learning based report.   Why chose a remote assessment:     There are very clear reasons: It is Efficient : Delivered within 48 business hours in your language and completely managed online. It Saves Time : No more need for planning and meeting candidates. It is Value For Money : at € 325,-  a remote assessment by an Expert Review Assessor. It is Safe: it requires no face to face meetings and is handled completely online.   You don’t need to take our word for it: check out our customers who have been using it for several years.       Want to learn more? Check out the Expert Review: the remote assessment page and try your first Expert Review for FREE. Learn more
Expanding our Ability Test Offering
On October 1st we have expanded our offer of Ability Tests with an additional 5 Tests.  In close consultation with our customers we have worked over the past years on the development and validation of this series of Ability Tests. We are pleased to announce that our offering of Ability Tests now consists of in total 7 Tests. They are suited for various positions and educational levels. However for now, the 5 new Tests are only available in 3 languages; Dutch, French & English. Additional languages are in the pipeline. Introducing our new Ability Tests. For more information on the output and interpretation, their value to your people decision making process, click the icons to navigate through our new Ability Tests.   Data-Control Commercial Skills Values Negotiating Styles Numbers-Check   Data-Control measures the execution of a simple control and classification assignment. Output & Results Raw scores provide an indication of how fast and accurate people check data and numbers. Detailed information on the amount of completed items (speed - %) and correct answers (accuracy - %). Based on the results conclusions can be made with respect to the ability that someone can perform an easy check and classification assignment in an efficient and qualitative way. Facts & Timing Fixed time frame with maximum 8 minutes to complete. Data-Control consists of 75 exercises, with 1 exercise per screen and 1 correct answer per exercise. Suited for administrative and internal sales positions, and all functions where data has to be checked and filed in an efficient way. Data-Control is suited for all educational levels.   Commercial Skills measures the ability to respond effectively, avoid or take initiative in various social situations. Output & Results Raw and average scores map someones commercial skills and give an indication how they react in various commercial and social situations. Based on the results we can conclude to what extent someone responds effectively, avoids or takes initiative in social situations. Facts & Timing No restricted time frame. Commercial Skills consists of 12 situations, with 1 situation per screen. Answers on a scale of 1 (I never react like this) to 10 (I always react like this). Suited for all internal & external commercial positions (sales, customer support, inside sales, etc.). Commercial Skills is ideally equipped to inventorise business skills on all educational levels.   Values maps the professional values that are important to a participant. Output & Results Average scores give an indication of the 14 primary professional values & 6 drivers of a participant regarding their importance. All values & drivers are explained in the report. Based on the results we find the values & drivers which are important to the participant. They are the ideals which someone pursues. The results are used for recruitment & selection (company value fit), evaluations, coaching or career counselling to guide someone into their future career path. Facts & Timing No restricted time frame. Values consists of 17 exercises, with 4 statements per exercise and 1 exercise per screen. Answers on a scale of 1 (most important according to participant) to 4 (least important according to participant). Suited for all types of positions and educational levels. It is used for recruitment & selection, evaluations, coaching and career counselling.   Negotiating Styles measures the ability and style in handling conflicts and negotiations. Output & Results Raw scores map the negotiating styles and negotiation skills of the participant, they give an indication of the preferred behaviour in case of conflicts. The highest scores are most applicable to the participant. Based on the results we can decide if someones negotiating style and skills fit to what is required for the position. Facts & Timing No restricted time frame. Negotiating Styles consists of 80 statements, with 1 statement per screen. Answers on a scale of 1 (very strongly disagree) to 9 (very strongly agree) Equipped for functions where negotiations are often executed, e.g. sales people, purchasing and managerial positions. Negotiating Styles is suitable for all educational levels.   Numbers-Check measures the ability to check data in various situations. Output & Results Raw scores give an indication of how fast and accurate someone can check figures & numbers and make simple calculations. They point out the amount of completed (speed - %) and correct answers (accuracy - %). Based on the results you can conclude if the participant’s numerical abilities match to what is required for the position. They map if someone can quickly evaluate data and make simple calculations in an efficient way. Facts & Timing Fixed time frame with maximum 8 minutes to complete. Numbers-Check consists of 25 exercises, with 1 exercise per screen and 2 correct answers per exercise. It is equipped for positions where someone often has to work with numbers and figures and needs to make decisions based on simple calculations, e.g. administrative and finance positions, payroll consultants, accountants, people in the logistics sector when making an inventory or checking labels. Numbers-Check is suited for all educational levels. Interested in to add our new Ability Tests to your Thalento® Cloud? Contact us via, we would love to get you started. Did you know that we also have other Ability Tests? Learn more about them on our website. Warm regards, The Thalento® Experience Team
91% growth just doesn’t do it, so let’s partner up!
It was prophetic of William Tincup to put Thalento® in his list of HR Tech companies to watch in 2017 a year ago. Last year our revenue increased with 91%, our headcount tripled, we acquired an e-learning provider and signed new international partnerships. 2017 was a an excellent year, but these results just fuel our ambition. In today’s hyperactive HR Tech industry we need to develop and grow even faster to stay relevant. In the next years we want to grow Thalento® to become the market leader in Belgium and a  global player . We’re looking for HR services partners who are equally ambitious to grow with us – especially in the UK, Germany and France Move over e-assessments, it’s about Workforce Optimisation When we founded Thalento® back in 2010, we were one of the first e-assessment providers in the cloud. In 2014 a difference in strategic vision led to management splitting ways and the reshuffle of our staff from 12 to 5. The next two years were bumpy, but since the end of 2016 our new vision has started to translate into reality. From an e-assessment provider we evolved into a tech provider of solutions for workforce optimization covering the entire Talent Life Cycle. Let me briefly explain what these two important concepts mean: Workforce Optimization: People are and will remain a determining factor in any organisation’s success and it is crucial that you align them with your strategy and vision, that there is a cultural fit, that they have the right mindset to help your organisation and themselves thrive. This continuous alignment between Career Owners (the individual – whether they are employees or freelancers) and your organisation is what we refer to as ‘Workforce Optimization’. The Talent Life Cycle: Personality remains a relative constant throughout someone’s lifetime. Yet in business we tend to only look at it during the hiring . I am convinced that personality, behaviour and motivation are something that should be taken into account throughout the Talent Life Cycle, from attracting and hiring over coaching and developing people in your organisation until their career reorientation. It provides  insights that will truly lead to workforce optimization. Article continues below image Win the War for Talent It’s my vision that we need solutions that provide an integrated approach, that in return  enables organisations to thrive in the War for Talent. I think it’s a mistake to focus on the difference between what an organisation is looking for and the experience and competencies available in the labour market. I think it’s a misconception that an organisation needs to lower its expectations as some recently declared. When you focus on mindset and attitude that best fit your organisation, then you can outsmart  the War for Talent. People with this fit will be motivated to easily adopt new skills and competencies. But it’s a fit you don’t discover with gut feeling or attract with stunning employer branding. These are traits, drivers and needs you uncover with objective, validated technology that map someone’s personality, behaviour, motivation and the DNA of your organisation. It’s a vision we translate into our Workforce Optimisation solutions with the help or our R&D team. Over the past six months we added three PhD’s to this team. Their fields of expertise range from Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to Big Data, Applied Economics, Psychology and Neuroscience. Looking for partners In 2018 we aim to increase our revenue by at least 100% – after this year’s growth double digits aren’t enough anymore. It’s a growth we can’t achieve with only organic growth in our current markets –  Our focus for 2018 is to grow  our footprint throughout Europe. Today we  have partners in  Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Portugal,The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia and Poland. We are aiming to sign additional partners in these countries. On top of that we are looking to sign new Partners  in the UK, France and Germany in Q2 of 2018, and over the rest of 2018 we are looking to sign Partners all over Europe. Do you want to be a partner in our expanding success story? Do you share the Thalento® vision? Or do you want to know what our Workforce Optimisation solutions can do for you? Then get in touch! Together we can make sure Tincup already knows one name to put on his watchlist for the following years.

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