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Trust that's easy to prove: request to view your applicants/signups' peer verified trustworthiness, reliability & skills

Organisations struggle to determine trustworthy tenant, job or loan applicants.

And marketplaces suffer churn, disengagement and loss of revenue due to untrusted new signups being unable to participate.

Organisations can now risk profile their applicants/signups by examining their socially verified ratings from other relevant websites the applicant or signup already uses.

For example:

- Estate Agents can access Airbnb guest scores.

- IT employers reduce 1000 applicants for a job to the top 10 ranked by verified Github, LinkedIn & Stackoverflow tech ratings.

- Peer to Peer marketplaces avoid disengagement and churn instead increasing revenue by pre-seeding signups with trust ratings from verified ratings from websites relevant to their marketplace.

We believe reputation belongs to an individual and enables trust to flow online to offline, and between online services, free from human biases.
So we allow users to store their verified ratings on the blockchain where they, and only they, can grant others access.


Reputationaire publishes online software that helps modernize HR workflows. vv For more details about Reputationaire see the about page. When choosing your online software, one of the many things you will want to know is if the publisher will be around for the years to come. Sometimes it can be helpful to take a look at the careers page as a growth indicator. Reputationaire regulary publishes articles about good HR practices and new releases of its SaaS. The company has 13 employees. Reputationaire was founded in 2017.

Software features

Culture and Engagement

The employee engagement software from Reputationaire can help organizations conduct surveys, derive actionable insights, and reduce employee turnover. It's an excellent supplement tool for HR tools such as recruitment software and can help managers monitor how engaged employees are towards achieving organizational goals.

Reputationaire offers an intuitive user interface coupled with impressive data security features. It can seamlessly integrate with your existing HR management systems, and regular updates ensure that the platform will remain future-proof and robust for years to come.


The Reputationaire blog specializes in Trust, Peer to Peer, Blockchain and Reputation.


Pricing for Reputationaire depends on your company's needs. This will factor in the number of software users and the size of your organization.


You want your valuable data to be in good hands. Reputationaire is very aware that security is a key aspect of HR software. You might want to dig into the Reputationaire privacy policy to get a better understanding on their internal security processes. The terms and conditions page provides all the details.


If you are ready to choose Reputationaire as your HR solution or need additional information, you can reach their sales team by phone or email.



How many people work at Reputationaire?

13 employees.

Where can I follow Reputationaire on social media?

How do you track employee engagement?

How employee engagement is tracked varies among organizations. That’s because the KPIs used to measure employee engagement and the motives behind doing so differs. Here are some things to consider when tracking employee engagement:

  • Determine the outcomes of engagement
  • Understand what’s important to employees
  • Make it a continuous process of listening to employees
  • Find the drivers that have the most significant impact on employee engagement and the organization
  • Don’t stick to just quantitative results

What are employee engagement strategies?

Employee engagement strategies can increase the chances that employees will establish a healthy and positive emotional connection with an organization. As emotional connections can rarely be forced to form, employee engagement strategies will involve setting the workplace environment to foster such relationships.

What companies have great employee engagement?

Here are some of the companies that are successful with employee engagement:

  • Southwest Airlines
  • Full Contact
  • Screwfix
  • Dreamworks
  • Legal Monkeys

What are the key drivers of employee engagement?

Some of the critical drivers of employee engagement are:

  • Co-worker relationships
  • Continuous feedback
  • Leader integrity
  • Professional development
  • Goal support
  • Job role clarification
  • Sense of belonging
  • Relationship with manager
  • Workplace safety
  • Job satisfaction

What are the types of employee engagement?

The most vital types of employee engagement are:

  1. Cognitive engagement: It refers to the need for employees to be profoundly aligned with and aware of the organizational strategies and know what they need to deliver at work.
  2. Physical engagement: It refers to employees fully utilizing their physical and mental strengths to perform their job better.
  3. Emotional engagement: It refers to the level of trust, confidence, and connection employees have with the organization and co-workers.

Why do we measure employee engagement?

Measuring employee engagement enables organizations to understand how an optimally engaged employee will perform like. This information can be used to frame strategies to enhance levels of engagement and elevate employee engagement throughout the organization. This will ultimately result in better service to customers, higher profits, and happier shareholders.

How is employee satisfaction KPI measured?

The employee satisfaction KPI is measured using employee surveys, informal conversations, and net promoter scores.

What are the benefits of employee engagement?

Here are some of the top benefits of employee engagement:

  • Happier employees
  • Better employee health and wellness
  • Higher employee satisfaction
  • Lower absenteeism
  • Lower employee turnover
  • Higher productivity
  • Higher profitability
  • Better employee satisfaction and safety

What are good employee engagement questions?

Here are some employee engagement survey questions worth including:

  • I would recommend [Company] as an excellent place to work.
  • My manager is a great person to work with.
  • I receive the needed recognition when I perform well at work.
  • I’m proud to work for [Company]
  • What are the things [Company] do rightly?

Is there free employee engagement software to try out?

The majority of employee engagement applications offer a free trial. This will empower you to try out the tool before making a serious investment in it.

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