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Humanising recruitment

Our mission at DivTal is make inclusion and belonging a reality in every workplace.

We know that most organisations want a diverse workforce that reflects the community. On the other hand we know that many culturally and linguistically diverse job candidates struggle to find meaningful work aligned to their qualifications, skills and experience.

Our solution is an online job platform that provides culturally and linguistically diverse job candidates with the support they need to find their dream career and helps organisations diversify their workforce whilst creating social impact.

Join our movement to create a more inclusive future of work!


DivTal designs SaaS software that helps modernize HR workflows. For more information about DivTal see the about page. Some of the common questions asked by HR personnel about the tools they sell have been listed on the FAQ page. DivTal regulary publishes articles about good HR practices and new releases of its software. Div Tal writes all of the articles. The articles treat subjects like lorna deng, racism, bedi othow and diversity and inclusion. The company has 3 employees. DivTal was founded in 2020.

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Pricing for DivTal depends on your company's needs. This will factor in the number of software users and the size of your organization.


You want your valuable and sensitive employee data to be in good hands. DivTal is very aware that security is a key aspect of HR sofware. You might want to take a look at the DivTal privacy policy to get a better understanding on their internal security processes. The terms and conditions page outlines all the details.


If you are ready to choose DivTal as your HR solution or need additional information, you can reach their sales team by phone or email.


SmartCompany feature: “We simply can’t stop” – Why the time was right for DivTal to level the employment playing field
We may be in the middle of a pandemic and an economic crisis, with hiring freezes all around, but DivTal has launched its diversity-focused recruitment startup anyway, with co-founder Lorna Deng saying the need has never been greater. DivTal is an online platform helping connect organisations that want to diversify their workforce with candidates from […] SmartCompany feature: “We simply can’t stop” – Why the time was right for DivTal to level the employment playing field first appeared on DivTal.
Article: Moving from unconscious bias to conscious inclusion (while avoiding tokenism)
Organisations understand the value of having a diverse workforce and want to achieve diversity and inclusion. But despite their efforts, they still struggle to create significant change. Firstly, why does diversity even matter? There is a strong business case for diversity. McKinsey report that companies that embrace gender diversity are 15 per cent more likely to financially […] Article: Moving from unconscious bias to conscious inclusion (while avoiding tokenism) first appeared on DivTal.

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