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LIVE WELL. HAVE IMPACT. Employee wellbeing and performance, powered by data.

Benny Button makes it easier for people, leaders and organisations to integrate wellbeing into the flow of work and life.
Beyond technology innovation, the future of work will rely on intelligent investment in human potential.
The relationship between wellbeing and performance is clear and undeniable. People perform better when they feel well. When wellbeing drops, so too does performance. This means that investing in employee wellbeing in work and life is key to developing, sustaining, and evolving a high-performance culture.
While we instinctively know that there is a dynamic interaction between wellbeing and performance, most organisations do not have a systematic way of measuring and monitoring this over time. As a result, there are huge blind spots when it comes to knowing which elements of work and life wellbeing are in sync, which are strong, which are suffering, and where intelligent investment should be directed.
Now is the time to look beyond traditional engagement and culture assessments and explore the relationships between wellbeing and performance factors in work and life.


Benny Button publishes online software that helps modernize HR processes. Benny Button regulary publishes articles about good HR practices and new releases of its online software. The Benny Button Team writes all of the articles. The articles treat subjects like Wellbeing, Performance, undefined and Stress. The company counts 5 employees. Benny Button was founded in 2016.

Software features

Work Health Safety and Environment

Benny Button's all-in-one workplace safety platform enables organizations to effectively manage and maintain workplace health and safety. It's a software solution built to efficiently reinforce workplace safety standards and can seamlessly integrate with several HR systems.

It has a user-friendly and intuitive interface and is compatible with most devices. This robust solution offers actionable insights with a few clicks and comes with real-time information processing.


The Benny Button blog specializes in Analytics, Consulting, Wellbeing, Performance, Employee Engagement, Human potential, Strategy, Workplace Culture, Health Innovation, Performance Innovation, Culture, keynotes, webinars, workshops, training, workplace wellbeing, employee wellbeing, people analytics, Wellbeing, Performance, undefined, Stress, Mental Health, Mindfulness, Leadership and Exercise.


Pricing for Benny Button depends on your company's needs. This will factor in the number of software users and the size of your organization. Benny Button offers a trial period so you can make sure your HR needs match with the SaaS.


You want your valuable data to be in good hands. Benny Button is very aware that security is a key aspect of HR online software.


If you are ready to pick Benny Button as your HR solution or need additional details, you can reach their sales team by phone or email.



How many people work for Benny Button?

5 employees.

Where can I follow Benny Button on social media?

What is health and safety software?

Health and safety software is software that enables organizations to manage their health and safety aspects effectively. They can create records of incidents at work, training records, workplace inspection reports, among others.

What are the benefits of health & safety software?

Health & safety software can help organizations to improve their workers’ performance through the management of their health records. It also helps them to ensure that they meet all of the standards and regulations that are related to workplace safety. This will enable them to stay competitive in the industry.

Why are health and safety management systems important?

Health and safety management systems are crucial for the workplace because they provide essential information related to medical history records, employee training records, incident investigation reports, among others. Organizations can create policies that ensure workers’ safety by doing regular checks.

How can an organization implement health and safety management systems?

Organizations can implement health and safety management systems by implementing the correct software. This software enables organizations to keep records of all of their employees’ health conditions, including any injuries or illnesses that they may have contracted at work or elsewhere.

What is a WHS system?

A WHS system is a kind of software that manages health and safety information in an organization. It helps organizations to manage records related to workers’ illnesses, training, supervisors’ training, incidents, and environmental factors that may affect the organization.

What does a WHS system contain?

A WHS system contains information on all of the health records of the workers at the organization. It will also keep track of information on any health-related incidents that have occurred at work or elsewhere, so as to enable organizations to create policies accordingly.

What is an EHS platform?

An EHS platform is a collection of WHS software that enables an organization to manage its health records and training information. It also has the facilities to record any incidents that may occur in the workplace or elsewhere.

What is H&S Software?

H&S software is software that manages the health and safety aspects of organizations. It can be used to monitor the workplace environment, to monitor employees’ health conditions, to store training records of employees, among other things.

What are the benefits of H&S software?

H&S software enables organizations to manage the health and safety aspects of their organization easily. They can record details on incidents at work or elsewhere, they can record details of their workers’ injuries and illnesses, they can store their employees’ training information, among others.


How to stress less... about stress
This might initially sound counterintuitive but stress is not the enemy of optimal performance and wellbeing. On the one hand, stress has been implicated in numerous studies showing detrimental effects on performance and organisational productivity and the debilitating impact on people's lives in terms of mental and physical health and interpersonal relationships. However, strategies that fall under the traditional umbrella of 'stress management’ are not fully addressing the magnitude and growth of the stress pandemic. This is because managing stress is an incomplete approach to strengthening health, wellbeing, performance, and relationships. We deserve better than merely managing - we owe it to ourselves to master stress.

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